Jul 16, 2023 I have a poster titled “A Visual Survey of In-Situ Running Analytics” accetped at IEEE VIS 2023
Jul 16, 2023 I will become a tutor for DECO2300/7230, semester 2, 2023 at the University of Queensland.
Apr 22, 2023 I am heading to Hamburg, Germany for CHI'23!
Apr 9, 2023 After nearly a year of delay in visa processing, I finally commenced my PhD study at the University of Queensland this April!
Jan 14, 2023 Our paper “GestureExplorer: Immersive Visualisation and Exploration of Gesture Data” has been accepted to CHI’23!
Apr 12, 2022 I was awarded the Dux of Undergraduate!
Dec 14, 2021 I just received my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Advanced from Monash University with a First-Class Honour :sparkles: :smile: